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Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite anime with our plushies, anime stuffed toys and Teddy bear.

Anime is part of Japanese culture, but have recently become popular in the UK and the West. In recent years, the popularity of anime and its anime comic counterpart has grown considerably. If you are a big anime or anime fan and have been looking for a way to show your love for anime, consider getting a stuffed animal. Plushies are a great way to show how captivated you are with the series by displaying them in front of you. They come in a variety of characters with a wide range of sizes and prices

Why choose our anime plushies?

Does your child or companion literally devour Japanese comics? Is he or she eagerly awaiting the release of the latest One Piece? He doesn't miss an episode of his favorite anime ? No doubt about it, a plush with the effigy of his favorite hero is the ideal gift! He will find in it an adorable companion that could quickly become THE favorite toy that he will take everywhere.

Our anime plush catalog, with its large choice, gives you the possibility to start a anime plush collection gathering all the main heroes of the most famous series. Since there is no hero without a rival, our site also offers plush toys featuring the big bad guys! A wide range of characters that will satisfy all fans.

Plushies for all ages! Girl or boy, big or small, what does it matter?

The days when pink was for girls and blue for boys are long gone. Anime reaches all audiences and is free from age and gender considerations. The stories, the characters, the drawings are for everyone, and therefore, our anime plushies too! Your little girl will be as enthusiastic about her Naruto or One Piece plush as your little boy, and will live moments full of tenderness and joy.

Teenagers and adults are also big consumers of anime, especially in France, and the products derived from Japanese popular culture meet a huge success. Our range of plush will undoubtedly delight fans of all ages who want to offer (or offer themselves) a gift in the image of their cult series.

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