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Our Chainsaw Man Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite anime with our Chainsaw Man Sweaters & Sweatshirts.

Brighten up your dressing room with these clothes featuring your favorite anime characters. Halfway between Japanese tradition and urban culture, anime clothing is becoming increasingly trendy. Japanese prints or anime  characters for the Otaku side, and an oversized cut for the street style side, perfect for a casual look at the cutting edge of fashion. Comfortable and ample, embark on a gentle journey to the land of the Rising Sun with your anime Sweaters & Hoodies.

Plunge into the heart of your favorite anime or anime by donning your Hoodies & Sweat anime and become one of the main characters in your current anime series! These jackets are in Asian sizes, so we advise you to take a size up. For example, if you usually wear a size S, take a size M. Or follow the size guide to find your size. When it comes to quality, we always choose superior materials with leather and organic cotton. This ensures durability and longevity.

Our sweaters are unisex. Finally, in terms of care, it's best to wash them by hand - we don't recommend a washing machine!
They'll be perfect for any Otaku.

Find our Sweaters & Sweatshirts by Denji, Pochita, Power, Makima and all your other favorite characters from the Chainsaw Man universe.

Chainsaw Man story:

The story begins with Denji, a young orphan, stating his savings: they amount to millions of yen, due to the sale of some of his organs. He accumulates this money to pay off a debt of tens of millions of yen. With Pochita, a dog-sized creature with a saw-like rostrum, he goes on a demon hunt. He comes across the Tomato Demon, whom he kills using his pet as a weapon. A man pays him for his work, but Denji isn't happy with the profits.

In the man's car, his driver questions him about why he would hire a young man like him, whom she considers a child. He explains that an official Devil Hunter wouldn't leave the corpses of creatures to the Yakuza, unlike Denji, and that the latter does whatever he's told as long as he can make money out of it. Wanting to check, the woman assures the boy that if he eats his cigarette, he'll get 100 yen. He complies, collects the money and tells Pochita that this will ensure three days' food. Back home, in a tiny wooden shack, Denji discusses his shaky financial situation with Pochita, and declares that he'd like to be with a girl before he dies.

To pay off his debts, Denji, a young man in total destitution, is exploited as a Devil Hunter with his demon-saw dog, "Pochita". But after a cruel betrayal, he's forced to take his own life.Now super-powered after merging with Pochita, Denji is recruited by an organization and sets out to hunt demons...

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