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How to choose your Beyblade arena

If you're a fan of Beyblade spinning top fighting, the arena is the must-have component to buy! Whether it's for your training or for your clashes, you can't practice Beyblade without an arena anda launcher.
Let's take a look at what different types of arenas there are.

The Takara Tomy standard type beystadiums

This is probably the most common model of spinning top arena from the Takara Tomy brand. It is frequently found in the fighting sets produced on the last seasons. The price in US is generally from 20 to 130$ depending on the sites.

This kind of Beyblade arena is always composed in the same way: a circular tray, the color of which can vary depending on the model, with three hanging systems distributed equally against the circle. Most often, this tray is white, but it can also be found transparent, in black, yellow or even red. The tray is the support on which the spinning tops will compete. The second element is the protective cover. This one is always transparent so as not to hide the fight, and it can be fixed to the tray by means of small fasteners provided with the pack.

Habro: Fighting arenas

This builder offers two main types of Beyblade arena.

Battle Sets

Like Takara, Hasbro is releasing a battle set for each season that will include an arena with two spinners and two throwers. This arena will be rectangular in shape with the widths in an arc. Its base on which the spinning tops will compete will include in each season the specifics of the system of that season. For example, in Beyblade Burst Turbo, the arena contains some sort of rails that the spinning tops will follow during the fight to increase their chances of burstering each other by throwing each other.
The arena also has a protective cover to protect the bladers from the spinning top pieces during the Bursts that can occur during the fights.

Beystadium Arenas

Hasbro also offers a stand-alone sold arena each season that has a rather square overall shape, with walls high enough that no protective cover is needed. Like the arenas in the battle sets, this type of Beystadium will have system specifics for its season.

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