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How to use a Beyblade launcher

Whether you have Beyblade Burst spinning tops or Beyblade Metal Fight spinning tops, you will need a launcher. However, to succeed in your top battles, you need to practice and throw them properly in theBeyblade arenas.

Let's first look at the different types of pitchers:

Rack and pinion pitchers

This type of launcher is really effective for people who have strength. Indeed, thanks to the rack, you can pull this one to engage the spinning top with all your strength, without risking breaking your Beyblade launcher ! The rack is a long, removable rod that slides into the launcher and is pulled with all your strength until it comes out of the launcher completely to send the spinner into the arena.

String launchers

This type of launcher works with a string and a spring inside that will rewind the string once launched. The advantage over the first type of launcher is that it allows for more turns when driving the spinner, as the length of the strings is usually greater than the length of the racks.

How to attach the spinner to the Beyblade launcher?

To attach a Beyblade spinner to its launcher, the claws will slide into the slots on the spinner, and the nipples will lock it in place, you can hear a little "click" if the launcher and spinner are not too worn. Check that the spinner is well nested between them, and you just have to pull the string or the rack as fast as possible!

Be sure to check that you are using the correct launcher for the rotation of the Beyblade spinner. Indeed, there are spinning tops with right rotation and others with left rotation. Therefore, the same is true for the launchers.

What is the best Beyblade launcher?

Launchers evolve over time and with new products released by Beyblade spinning top manufacturers. If we look at the efficiency of the launchers, generally speaking, the rack and pinion launchers allow for more forceful launching of the spinner. On the other hand, the Beyblade Burst Superking launchers, the sparkings launchers or sparkling launchers are the best rated by the Takara Tomy brand. The main reason is that they can train the spinners with 11 rounds, which is the current record.

This information is for guidance only, as the performance of a launcher depends much more on the way it is thrown and used by the Blader than on simple technical data.

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