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Immerse yourself in the world of Kentarō Miura with our Berserk fur jackets, sports jackets and bomber jackets.

Brighten up your dressing room with these jackets featuring your favorite anime characters. Halfway between Japanese tradition and urban culture, anime jackets are becoming increasingly trendy. Japanese prints or anime characters for the Otaku side, and a cut to suit your style for the street or sport side, perfect for a casual look at the cutting edge of fashion. Comfortable and pretty, embark on a sweet journey to the land of the Rising Sun with your Japanese jacket.

Plunge into the heart of your favorite anime or anime by donning your anime ries! These jackets are in Asian sizes, so we advise you to take a size up. For example, if you usually wear a size S, take a size M. Or follow the size guide to find your size. When it comes to quality, we always choose superior materials with leather and organic cotton. This makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. Our jackets are unisex. Finally, in terms of care, it's best to wash by hand, but you can still use the washing machine!

In particular, you'll find casual jackets featuring Berserk characters. Very comfortable, with cotton reinforcement to keep you warm this winter. Our jackets feature ultra-detailed anime designs and flawless finishing.

They'll be perfect for any Otaku.

We've personally tested all these garments, and they're the best way to immerse yourself in the anime universe.

Berserk story:

Set in a dark fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe, the story centers on the characters of Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a group of mercenaries called the "Falcon Troop".

The series was adapted into a twenty-five-episode animated series , Kenpū Denki Berserk, by Oriental Light and Magic . It debuted in Japan on October 7, 1997 on Nippon Television; the last episode was broadcast on March 31, 1998. It covered the first arc: Golden Age. Two video games were also created for the series: an action-adventure for the Dreamcast and another for the PlayStation.

Berserk is set in medieval Europe. It centers on the lives of Guts, an orphaned mercenary warrior, and Griffith, the leader of a band of mercenaries called the Falcon Band. As he grows older, Guts changes from a lonely boy to a man who realizes the value of camaraderie. The story contains both fantasy and horror elements, as it explores both the best and worst of human nature. Both anime are known for their great violence.

Guts was born to a hanged mother and discovered by mercenary leader Gambino, who taught Guts swordplay and enlisted him into his mercenary group. After a gruesome battle, Gambino is paralyzed with Guts left as breadwinner. One night, Gambino attacks Guts in a drunken rage, but Guts kills Gambino in self-defense and is driven from the camp by other mercenaries. Over the years, Guts finds work as a mercenary, slowly building his legend. After defeating the feared mercenary captain Bazzuso in a castle siege, Guts is attacked by Corcus, a captain of the Falcon's gang. Easily defeating Corcus, Guts is pitted against Casca, a female captain, whom he is preparing to defeat when he is interrupted by Griffith, the enigmatic white-haired commander of the Band of the Hawk. As they duel, Griffith, having witnessed Guts' skill with a sword during the siege of the castle, declares that if Guts loses the fight, he will join the Band of the Hawk. Guts accepts the wager, but loses the duel.

Check out our jackets for Guts, Casca, Griffith and all your other favorite characters from the Berserk anime .

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