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Zamasu Bow Painting - Dragon Ball Z™

Zamasu Bow Painting - Dragon Ball Z™

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Chart featuring the Zamasu arc, one of the major arcs of the anime Dragon Ball Super - DBS.

This table is composed of 5 pieces and represents the most important characters from the Zamasu arc of the anime Dragon Ball S.

  • Canvas print : High definition print giving a canvas look to the painting
  • Color:Extremely accurate rendering
  • Canvas : Cotton and linen
  • Framing: With or without frame

⚠️Warning ➡️ If you choose "unframed" you will only get the canvas!⚠️

⛩ The Zamasu arc kicks off with the threat of artificial humans resolved and the appearance of a new threat this time from the future world!

Mirai Trunks resisted, but even the power of a Super Saiyan is not enough against the power of this man called "Black" looking just like Goku.

Bulma from the future decides to ask Gokû and Vegeta for help in the past world. After taking half a year to gather enough fuel for a one-way trip through the time machine.

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