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Yuno Grinberryall Figure - Black Clover™

Yuno Grinberryall Figure - Black Clover™

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Figure of Yuno Grinberryall the engineering vice-captain of the Golden Dawn Company. Most powerful company in the anime Black Clover.

  • Anime : Black Clover
  • Characterization:Yuno Grinberryall
  • Size: 18 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: True to the anime
  • Packaging: Original Box

Yuno Grinberryall is a character from Black Clover. He is a Knight-Mage of the Golden Dawn company. Yuno is the heir of House Grinberryall of the Kingdom of Spade.

Yuno has a quiet and reserved nature, he only speaks when he really needs to express himself. Often people misunderstand him because of the way he speaks.

Despite his detached demeanor, Yuno has an unwavering ambition to become a Mage-Emperor, an ambition he developed while growing up with Asta. Moreover, Yuno has such a strong rivalry with him that he will do anything to stop anyone who wants to harm Asta.

Yuno is blessed with mana having been given a 4-leaf grimoire and being a genius in the manipulation of wind magic.

You too wish to become a genius mage and become the mage emperor of the kingdom of Clover then own your very own Yunofigure and transform your room into a Shonen universe.

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