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Uzui Tengen Katana - Demon Slayer™

Uzui Tengen Katana - Demon Slayer™

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Sun sword from Uzui Tengen the flamboyant Sound pillar of the Demon Slayer army as well as one of the mentors of Tanjiro, the hero of the anime Demon Slayer™ - Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  • anime : Demon Slayer
  • Character: Uzui Tengen
  • sword:Single Sun sword of Uzui Tengen
  • Size: 55 cm
  • Material: PU thermolacquered black stainless, wood

Uzui Tengen is one of the last living descendants of the last ninja lineage, as such he has undergone a lifetime of daily training both physically and mentally.

This ninja life was not for him due to his values as well as his big heart he decided to leave his ninja family to join the demon slayer army.

Despite his dark past he decided to live a life of pleasure, flamboyance and service to others due to his great strength and kindness. He repeatedly showed himself to be very humble stating that he had no special talent compared to other pillars being geniuses.

As his main weapons, he uses two gigantic amber-colored Swords of the Sun, each of which has a notch in the sharp ends of their blades and are held together at the hilt by a metal chain. These swords are known for their powers, and it was even said, until Tengen's battle with the Upper Demon Moon number 6, no one had ever survived a blow from them.

Be a part of the demon-slaying army too and become a pillar by possessing Uzui Tengen's Sun sword and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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