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Poster Yhwach "Mastermind" - Bleach™

Poster Yhwach "Mastermind" - Bleach™

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Poster featuring Yhwach, the cruel Quincy king and final antagonist of the Bleach™ Anime.

  • Anime : Bleach
  • Image : Yhwach
  • Paper: "Kraft" timeless material (185g / m²)
  • HD silkscreen: Intense colors, exceptional rendering
  • Size: 42 cm * 30 cm
  • Framing: Frameless
  • Location: For your apartment, your office, your bedroom, Medor's kennel... Just bring a supply of thumbtacks.

Yhwach was the Emperor of Vandenreich as well as the father of all Quincys. He was also the son of the Spiritual King.

After first failing to conquer the Soul Society, 1,000 years before the beginning of the story, he returned to declare war on the Shinigamis during the Arc of the Millennial Bloody War, 17 months after the defeat of Aizen.

Although he appears late in the story, he is a major antagonist of the work, notably impacting Ichigo's birth and growth. The final antagonist of Bleach's main storyline, he invades Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, even founding his own country with the power of the Spiritual King. After a gargantuan final battle with Ichigo and Aizen, the King is finally defeated and sealed.

If you want to become a powerful warrior with enormous spiritual pressure, get your very own Yhwach poster and turn your bedroom into a real Shonen universe.

If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of Anime, take a look at our collection of posters, where you'll find everything you need.

Match your posters with Bleach figures and be sure to become a true Otaku! ⛩

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