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Poster Mihael Keehl "Mello" - Death Note™

Poster Mihael Keehl "Mello" - Death Note™

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Poster featuring Mihael Keehl aka Mello or "M" one of the successors of the world's greatest detective "L" dead in his fight against Kira in the anime Death Note

  • anime : Death Note
  • Image : Mihael Keehl "Mello"
  • Paper : "Kraft" weatherproof material (185g / sqm)
  • HD screen printing : Intense colors, exceptional rendering
  • Size : 42 cm * 30 cm
  • Frame : Frameless
  • Location: For your apartment, office, bedroom, Medor's doghouse... Just plan for the stock of thumbtacks.

Mihael Keehl, known as Mello, or M is a human of English nationality, successor to L and part of Wammy's House which was Watari's orphanage located in Winchester, England.

When Roger told Mello that he would have to work alongside Near in order to track down Kira, since L died before he could make a real choice about who would succeed him, he refused, saying that he didn't have the inclination to team up with someone he considered to be "second in command." Shortly thereafter, he left the orphanage saying that he would find "his own way" to eventually help the Mafia.

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