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Poster Ichigo team - Bleach™

Poster Ichigo team - Bleach™

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Poster featuring The Ichigo Team, made up of special humans whose mission is to watch over the city of Karakura in the Bleach™ anime.

  • Anime: Bleach
  • Image: Ichigo, Inoue, Rukia, Ishida and Chad
  • Paper: "Kraft" timeless material (185g / m²)
  • HD silkscreen: Intense colors, exceptional rendering
  • Size: 42 cm * 30 cm
  • Framing: Frameless
  • Location: For your apartment, your office, your bedroom, Medor's kennel... Just bring a supply of thumbtacks.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a Human with the exceptional ability to distinguish ghosts, his life turned upside down when he met Rukia Kuchiki who gave him his Shinigami powers in order to save his family from a Hollow.

He and his comrades with special powers such as Chad, Inoue and Ishida (Quincy) watch over the town of Karakura, protecting it from Hollows and looking after its inhabitants.

If you want to become a powerful warrior with enormous spiritual pressure, then get your very own poster of Ichigo's Team, and turn your bedroom into a real Shonen universe.

If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of anime, take a look at our collection of posters, where you'll find everything you need.

Match your posters with Bleach figures and be sure to become a true Otaku! ⛩

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