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Poster Abarai Renji - Bleach™

Poster Abarai Renji - Bleach™

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Poster featuring Renji Abarai, the super-powerful vice captain of the 6th division of Gotei 13 and one of the protagonists of the Bleach™ anime.

  • Anime : Bleach
  • Image: Renji Abaraï
  • Paper: "Kraft" timeless material (185g/m²)
  • HD silkscreen: Intense colors, exceptional rendering
  • Size: 42 cm * 30 cm
  • Framing: Frameless
  • Location: For your apartment, your office, your bedroom, Medor's kennel... Just bring a supply of thumbtacks.

Renji Abarai is the lieutenant of the 6th Division of Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's Gotei 13. He was previously the 6th seat of the 11th Division under Kenpachi Zaraki. After all the events of the series, he refused to become captain in order to remain under the orders of Kuchiki Byakuya, whom he admires and wants to surpass.

Renji underwent a huge evolution over the course of the series, going from a lieutenant who didn't master the Bankai to one of the soul society's most powerful warriors after training with Division 0.

His 1st Bankai takes the form of a giant snake skeleton studded with giant blades, but after training with division 0 his Bankai will take another form, his true form: Sōō Zabimaru.

If you want to become a powerful warrior with enormous spiritual pressure, then get your Renji poster and turn your bedroom into a real Shonen universe.

If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of anime, take a look at our collection of posters where you'll find everything you need.

Match your posters with Bleach figures and be sure to become a true Otaku! ⛩

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