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Plush Shenron - Dragon Ball Z™

Plush Shenron - Dragon Ball Z™

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Plush of Shenron, the magical dragon capable of granting any wish in the Dragon Ball™ anime.

  • anime : Dragon Ball
  • Character : Shenron
  • Size : 60 cm
  • Plush : High quality, soft and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime

Shenron or Shen Long is the magical dragon that appears to grant a wish when the seven Dragon Balls are gathered. Like the latter, he was created by the Almighty.

Shenron can be summoned when the Dragon Balls of the Earth are gathered. He can then grant any wish, as long as it does not require a power superior to his creator, the Almighty. According to Son Goku, Shenron cannot (or will not) grant the same wish twice.

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