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"Nemesis" sweater - Berserk™

"Nemesis" sweater - Berserk™

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Sweater featuring Guts and Griffith, the main characters pitted against each other by fate in the mythical Berserk™ anime.

  • Anime : Berserk
  • Image: Guts, Griffith
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Quality: High-end, quality cotton, excellent stitching
  • Design: Faithful to the Anime
  • Style: Hoodie sportswear cut with long sleeves and hood
  • Washing: See label (30 degrees recommended)
  • Drying: Low temperature recommended
  • Unisex clothing: For men or women

    Griffith is the leader of a band of mercenaries called the Falcon Troop, where he wins many battles.

    Then he meets Guts, who manages to defeat all but him. He forces Guts to join his group following a bet between him and Guts, which Griffith quickly wins as a fencing duel. In recognition of Guts's talents, he appoints the latter chief of cavalry. After reconquering several lands, he and his entire troop are ennobled by the king. He captures a stronghold and is promoted to general. The Queen tries to assassinate him, in vain, as he remains alive and has her killed by Guts. Later, when Guts wanted to leave the brigade, he reminded her that he had staked his freedom on her sword-fighting, and that he had to fight her again to get it back. Guts won easily, thanks to the experience he'd acquired over the years, and left.

    Griffith is too weak, physically and mentally, and forcibly reveals the marks of the injuries he sustained during his year of torture. He also ends up activating the Red Behelit, giving rise to the Eclipse. To realize his dream of creating a perfect world, he will sacrifice the most precious thing in the world: his troop. All will die, except Guts and Casca, who will survive, but at a terrible price: Guts will lose his left arm, and Casca will go mad after being raped by Griffith's God Hand form, Femto.

    Femto seems immortal, called an archangel by Void, and has lost all human feeling.

    After these events, Guts' quest will be to take revenge on Griffith and the God Hands that accompany him, and he will live for this alone, even if it means hurting people in the process...

    If you'd like to become incredibly strong and take on the forces of the occult, get your Guts and Griffith sweater and become a true Warrior.

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