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Mystery Box - Sword Art Online™

Mystery Box - Sword Art Online™

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Mystery Box from the Sword Art Online™ anime.

This box contains products whose total value is far greater than the Mystery Box prize.

  • Box size: 22x25x7.5cm

  • Contents:

    • Postcards
    • Water mug
    • Posters
    • Character cards
    • Badges
    • Round mirror
    • Key ring
    • Storage box
    • And a surprise...

The Mystery Box is a "mystery" themed box, all boxes are unique. You'll find collectibles featuring your favorite Anime characters. For this one The Sword Art Online Anime is in the spotlight, featuring Kirito, Asuna, Alice and more!

Sword Art Online story: At Seijirô Kikuoka's request, Kirito is chosen to test the new Soul Translator project, which gives him access to a brand-new virtual world: the Underworld. During his very first immersion, Kirito takes on a childlike appearance and makes the acquaintance of Alice and Eugep. Later, while taking Asuna home, Kirito is attacked by a former member of the Laughing Coffin, who manages to inject him with a dose of succinylcholine. Between life and death, he has only one chance of survival left: the Soul Translator! But during his new immersion, things have changed in Alice's world. ⛩

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