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Mystery Box - Attack on Titan™

Mystery Box - Attack on Titan™

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Mystery Box from the manga Attack on Titan™.
This box contains products whose total value is far greater than the Mystery Box prize.

  • Box size: 22x25x7.5cm

  • Contents:

    • Postcards
    • Mugs
    • Posters
    • Character cards
    • Name tags
    • Round mirror
    • Key ring
    • Storage box
    • And a surprise...

The Miystery Box is a "mystery" themed box, all boxes are unique. You'll find collectible products featuring your favorite anime characters. For this one The Attack on Titan anime is in the spotlight, featuring Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Livaï and more!

Attack on Titan story: In a world ravaged by man-eating titans for over a century, the few survivors of humanity have no choice but to barricade themselves in a fortress city. Young Eren, witness to the death of his mother devoured by a titan, has only one dream: to join the elite corps charged with discovering the origin of the Titans and annihilating every last one of them...⛩

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