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Mini Figure Nendoroid Tsukishima - Haikyuu™

Mini Figure Nendoroid Tsukishima - Haikyuu™

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Nendoroid mini figure of Kei Tsukishima, the colossus in charge of blocking in the Karasuno High School Volleyball team in the Haikyuu™ anime.

  • anime : Haikyuu
  • Character : Kei Tsukishima
  • Size : 10 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Kei Tsukishima is a freshman and he is a member of Karasuno High School and the Volleyball club. He often makes fun of Hinata's lack of appearance and her height. He often teases Kageyama with his nickname "King of the court".

Tsukishima is said to be strong in blocking. It was said by Kenma that he was a calm and serene blocker who thought carefully his actions all against Hinata. While at first he showed little interest in improving his counters, after the events of the summer training camp he will ask the coach for further advice. Currently, he is followed by Kuroo Tetsurou and Bokuto Koutarou.

Become a real volleyball prodigy and crush all your opponents by owning your own Tsukishima figure and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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