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Metal Fury Tops - Beyblade Metal Fusion™

Metal Fury Tops - Beyblade Metal Fusion™

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Beyblade dolls Metal Fury from the anime Beyblade Metal Fusion™.

Discover our Beyblade Metal Fury spinning tops, all of our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

Authentic Beyblade spinning tops

Two main manufacturers make and distribute the official version of Beyblade spinning tops:

  • Takara Tomy the Japanese brand that makes the authentic spinning tops in the universe, both metal and plastic, and handles distribution in Asia.
  • Hasbro, the brand that distributes in Europe and the US. Its spinning tops are significantly less authentic than their Japanese counterparts, as they are made entirely of plastic. Nevertheless, it is the second official distributor of Beyblade spinning tops.

The Beyblade: Metal Fight spinning tops

When the release of the Beyblade metal spinning tops saga arrived, it was a real revolution.
Because many remain die-hard fans of the seasons from that good old days of 2008 to 2012, figure anime Store strives to keep collections of
Beyblade Metal fusion tops, Beyblade Metal Masters, Metal Fury and .

Beyblade: Metal fury is the third season of the Metal Fight saga. It precedes Beyblade: Shogun Steel and succeeds Beyblade: Metal Masters.

Gingka Hagane, being discovered to be Legendary Blader had to create a new Blader team: Legendary Bladers in order to defeat Nemesis.
Legendary Bladers are Bladers who have a spinning top that contains an enchanted Star Fragment in their spinning tops. They are the only ones who have the power to defeat Diablo Nemesis, the god of destruction!

We invite you to check out our complete collection of Toupie Beyblade in order to become the largest Bladeur in Store.

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