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Lego Crocodile Figure - One Piece™

Lego Crocodile Figure - One Piece™

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LEGO figure of Crocodile aka Mr.0, one of the Cross Guild executives in the One Pieceanime.

  • Anime : One Piece
  • Character: Crocodile
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Figure: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Crocodile, better known as Sir Crocodile or Mr. 0, was the president of Baroque Works and the main antagonist of the Baroque Works Saga. His code name in the organization was Mr. 0. He was the first enemy in the series to last this long, and the first enemy to actually defeat Luffy.

He was first introduced as one of the 7 privateer captains, but was stripped of his title when he tried to take control of Alabasta, the desert kingdom. He was initially portrayed as a major enemy of Luffy, but the two formed an unlikely alliance during their escape from Impel Down and the second half of the Battle of Marine Ford.

Since the institution of the Seven Great Corsairs was shut down, he's been a prominent member of the Cross Guild.

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