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Lamp LED Yoruichi Shihôin - Bleach™

Lamp LED Yoruichi Shihôin - Bleach™

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LED lamp featuring Yoruichi Shihôin aka "The Goddess of Speed", the former captain of the 2nd division of Gotei 13, as well as one of the protagonists of the cult anime Bleach™.

  • anime : Bleach
  • Character : Yoruichi Shihôin
  • Size : 20cm
  • Colors: 16 color variations
  • Kit includes: LED lamp, USB cable, remote control and user manual
  • Operation: With USB cable or AA battery

Yoruichi Shihôin is the former Captain of the Second Division of Gotei 13, as well as of the Espionage Services. Having given up both of these positions, she currently works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi in the Urahara Shop, located in the Human World.

Considered the most skilled Hohō master ever seen in all of Soul Society, Yoruichi is extremely skilled in the use of Shunpo, a high-speed movement technique, indeed she holds the title of "Goddess of Speed" as she masters this ability to such a level that she can appear to be in several places at once and take out an entire squadron of Onmitsukidō in seconds.

Yoruichi is intelligent and witty. She has a great deal of knowledge about the Soul Society and its workings, as she was the former head of the Onmitsukidō and the captain of the 2nd Division. Although born into nobility, she acts differently than most other nobles, in the same way that Kaien Shiba does.

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