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Lamp LED Ulquiorra - Bleach™

Lamp LED Ulquiorra - Bleach™

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LED lamp featuring Ulquiorra Cifer, the emblematic espada number 4 of the Aizen army, the main antagonist of the Bleach anime™.

  • anime : Bleach
  • Character: Ulquiorra Cifer
  • Size : 20cm
  • Colors: 16 color variations
  • Kit includes: LED lamp, USB cable, remote control and user manual
  • Operation: With USB cable or AA battery

Ulquiorra Cifer is the 4th Espada (Cuarta Espada) in Sōsuke Aizen's Arrancar army. Because of his position and actions, he is a central antagonist of the Arrancar Arc.

Ulquiorra is one of the most powerful antagonists in the Arrancar Arc. As one of the Top 4 Espadas, his strength is no longer up for discussion. He is so powerful that Ichigo will believe he is the strongest Espada and will be overwhelmed when he discovers that he is only 2 ranks higher than Grimmjow, the 6th Espada, who is much weaker in comparison.

Ulquiorra has advanced abilities, even for an Espada, and masters all the fighting techniques of an Arrancar.

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