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Lamp LED Power - Chainsaw Man™

Lamp LED Power - Chainsaw Man™

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LED lamp of Power aka "The Blood Demon", Denji's devil hunter partner in the Makima special unit of the anime Chainsaw Man™.

  • anime : Chainsaw Man
  • Character : Power
  • Colors: 16 color variations
  • Kit includes: LED lamp, USB cable, remote control and user manual
  • Operation: With USB cable or AA battery
  • Base: Black color

Power is the blood hominidemon and a Public Security Devil Hunter; she is part of the Makima team, Tokyo's 4th Anti-Demon Special Section.

A Hominidemon is a demon that has taken over the body of a human. Hominidemons have the personality of the person they have taken over. They can be easily identified because of their distinctly shaped heads, such as Power horns.

As a former Blood Demon, Power can manipulate the blood in her body into weapons.

If you too want to become incredibly strong and be able to manipulate the powers of one of the most powerful demons, then get your Power LED Lamp and turn your room into a real shonen world.

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