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Lamp LED Mark of The Fairies - Fairy Tail™

Lamp LED Mark of The Fairies - Fairy Tail™

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LED lamp from The Mark of the Fairies, the Fairy Tail guild membership symbol affixed to each new guild member in the Fairy Tail™ anime.

  • anime : Fairy Tail
  • Character : Mark of the fairies
  • Size : 10 cm
  • Colors: 16 color variations
  • Kit includes: LED lamp, USB cable, remote control and user manual
  • Operation: With USB cable or AA battery
  • Base: Black color

The Fairy Tail Guild is a Guild founded by Mavis Vermillion in April of the year X686. It was, in the year X784, the most powerful Guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. During the ellipse of 7 years, it lost its popularity and became the most insignificant guild of the country. It became the most powerful guild in Fiore again when it won the Great Magic Tournament of the Year X791. The guild has about thirty known characters and a hundred members. This is the guild that we follow throughout the story.

The master of the guild, Makarof, is one of the Ten Sacred Mages and he has proven his power by defeating Jose with ease.

One of the main strengths of this guild is that it has four Dragon Hunters and one Demon Hunter.

If you too want to become incredibly strong and be able to manipulate powerful magic, then get your Fairy Mark LED Lamp and turn your room into a real shonen world.

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