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Lamp LED Kisuke Urahara - Bleach™

Lamp LED Kisuke Urahara - Bleach™

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LED lamp featuring Kisuke Urahara the former captain of the Gotei 13 as well as the first master of Ichigo, the main character of the Bleach™ anime.

  • anime : Bleach
  • Character: Kisuke Urahara
  • Size : 20cm
  • Colors: 16 color variations
  • Kit includes: LED lamp, USB cable, remote control and user manual
  • Operation: With USB cable or AA battery

Kisuke Urahara is the former captain of the Twelfth Division, as well as the creator and First President of the Technical Development Bureau. He currently lives in the World of Humans, where he was sent into exile and runs a small store, "Urahara Boutique", which also sells items for the Shinigami. The store is run by Urahara himself, along with his employees Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya.

Urahara is characterized as a very mysterious person, about whom little is known at first. In spite of the danger that Ichigo and his friends are in, he manages to keep his calm under all circumstances, even when the situation becomes critical. He is endowed with a rather singular sense of humor... He is rarely serious and seems to be quite casual, although this is only a facade. He is actually extremely intelligent and perceptive. He always knows a lot more than the others.

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