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Kuroro Lucifuru Mini Figure - Hunter x Hunter™

Kuroro Lucifuru Mini Figure - Hunter x Hunter™

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Nendoroid mini figure of Kuroro Lucifuru, the charismatic leader of the Ghost Brigade from the anime Hunter x Hunter™.

  • anime : Hunter x Hunter
  • Character : Kuroro Lucifuru
  • Size: 10 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: Faithful to anime
  • Packaging : Original box

The Ghost Brigade is a world-renowned group of thieves who hold a Class A bounty.

Most members are from The Shooting Star. The group consists of a total of thirteen members, who are all highly skilled nen users.

Each has a tattoo of a spider with a number on their body. Those who wish to join the brigade can do so by killing a current member, thus replacing them. In the event of a member's death or other causes, the leader of the Brigade, Kuroro Lucifuru takes care of replacing them.

You too wish to become a powerful nen user and be feared throughout the world, so get your Kuroro Lucifuru figure and turn your room into a true Shonen universe.

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I absolutely love this action figure.

thank you soo much

nice product

received in good condition

Rob Wilson
Best Quality Action Figure

Love the quality of this mini figure

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