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Konoha Kunoichi Poster - Naruto™

Konoha Kunoichi Poster - Naruto™

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Poster featuring the best Kunoichi of Konoha, the village of the anime hero Naruto Shippuden™.

  • anime : Naruto Shippuden
  • Image : Kunoichi of Konoha
  • Paper: "Kraft" weatherproof material (185g / sqm)
  • HD screen printing : Intense colors, exceptional rendering
  • Size: 42 cm * 30 cm
  • Frame : Frameless
  • Location: For your apartment, your office, your bedroom, Medor's doghouse... Just plan for the stock of thumbtacks.

⛩ The term shinobi otherwise known as ninja refers to fighters in the Naruto universe. Female ninjas are called kunoichi.

The shinobi are mostly organized into clans, which are themselves grouped into a military base: the hidden village. They perform all sorts of paid missions: civil work, escorts, espionage, tracking down individuals, assassinations, etc. In times of war, the shinobi gather in an army to protect their village and country. The shinobi derive their power from their mastery of chakra which allows them to perform jutsu.

The shinobi must remain loyal to their villages, all deserters are considered nukenin and are wanted.

You too want to become a real hero and master awesome techniques, then get the poster of theKonoichi of Konoha and turn your room into a real Shonen universe.

If you want to completely immerse yourself in the anime universe, come take a tour on our poster collection, you will find your happiness there.

Accompany your posters with Naruto figures and be sure to become a true Otaku!

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