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Kazuto Kirito (GGO) Figure - Sword Art Online II™

Kazuto Kirito (GGO) Figure - Sword Art Online II™

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Figure of Kazuto Kirito using his unique special skill: Double Fencing. Kirigaya Kazuto, whose birth name is Narusaka Kazuto and known as Kirito is the main character of the series Sword Art Online.

  • anime : Sword Art Online II
  • Characters: Kazuto Kirito
  • Size: 14cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design : True to the anime

Kazuto KiritoDuring the beta test phase and at the launch of SAO, Kirito's avatar had the appearance of a ridiculously handsome, anime-tinged fantasy character who was much older than he actually was. He had, however, set his height equal to his real-world height to prevent the change in height from hindering his movements.

All SAO player avatars, after updating, reflect the real-world appearance of the user, so Kirito's avatar has adopted black hair and black eyes.

In the game Gun Gale Online, when Kirito logs in, he had the appearance of a girl but the body of a boy.

Join the colorful universe of Sword Art Online too and become as famous as the famous black swordsman by owning a figure of Kazuto Kirito and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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