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Katana Oden: Ame no Habakiri - One Piece™

Katana Oden: Ame no Habakiri - One Piece™

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Katana of the deceased Oden Kozuki bequeathed to his son Momonosuke: the Ame no Habakiri. The Ame no Habakiri is part of the Ô Wazamono category in the One Piece™ anime.

  • Anime : One Piece
  • Katana : Ame No Habakiri
  • Character : Oden Kosuki
  • Size length : 104 cm
  • Contains : Sword + Scabbard
  • Raw material : PU powder coated black stainless.

All swords sold in this store are only for decoration or cosplay.

Ame no Habakiri is a Meito that belonged to Kozuki Oden, who used it with another Meito, Enma. It is part of the 21 Ô Wazamono and was forged by Tenguyama Hitetsu who considers it his masterpiece. Its current owner is the son of Oden, Kozuki Momonosuke.

Tenguyama Hitetsu described Ame no Habakiri as capable of "cutting the sky itself" (parallel to Enma capable of "cutting to the bottom of the underworld").

Ame no Habakiri offers enormous cutting power when perfectly mastered. In Oden's hands, Enma and them became the only weapons known to have injured Kaido leaving him with a huge scar.

Be part of the elite swordsmen of the Grand Line seas and get your own Ame no Habakiri Sword and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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