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Ichigo Alarm Clock - Bleach™

Ichigo Alarm Clock - Bleach™

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LED alarm clock featuring Ichigo Kurosaki, the replacement shinigami assigned to protect Karakura as well as the main character in the Bleach™ anime.

  • Anime : Bleach
  • Character: Kurosaki Ichigo
  • Size: 8*8*8 cm
  • Function: Time, Date, Temperature
  • Contains: Alarm clock + 5 stickers + Instructions
  • Materials: PVC, Acrylic
  • Screen: LED

Ichigo Kurosaki is a human with the exceptional ability to distinguish ghosts. His life was turned upside down when he met Rukia Kuchiki, who gave him his Shinigami powers in order to save his family from a Hollow.

After these events, Ichigo had to overcome a series of setbacks, each time growing stronger and surpassing himself as he came close to death. As a result, he mastered a Bankai called Tanza Zangetsu, which concentrates his power in a smaller katana, as well as a kimono enabling him to use incredible speed.

Ichigo is one of the few beings in the Anime to possess Shinigami, Hollow, Human and Quincy powers, due to his tragic origins.

When he uses his hollow power, a mask appears on his face, which will evolve as Ichigo's relationship with his inner Hollow evolves: White.

In his final battle against Ulquiorra, he developed his hollow form, also known as "Ichinator", a super-powerful form that enabled him to defeat the powerful espada number 4 of Aizen's army.

If you too wish to save the world and become one of the most powerful Shinigamis, then get your Ichigo awakening and transform your bedroom into a real Shonen universe.

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