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Frieza Resurrection Painting - Dragon Ball Z™

Frieza Resurrection Painting - Dragon Ball Z™

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painting featuring the Freezer Resurrection Saga (Furīza Fukkatsu no Hen), this is the last saga of Dragon Ball Z™ and the second saga of Dragon Ball Super™.

This board is composed of 5 pieces and represents the Freezer resurrection arc, a major arc in Dragon Ball Super.

  • Canvas print: High definition print giving a canvas look to the painting
  • .
  • Color:Extremely accurate rendering
  • Cloth : Cotton and linen
  • Framing: With or without frame

⚠️Warning ➡️ If you choose "unframed" you will only get the canvas!⚠️

⛩ The Freezer Resurrection Saga (Furīza Fukkatsu no Hen) is the latest saga of Dragon Ball Z and the second saga of Dragon Ball Super. This saga is the anime retelling of the fifteenth movie.


More than a year has passed afterSon Gokû's battle against the Hakai Shin Beerus. Son Gokû and Vegeta follow Whis training, but two surviving Freezer soldiers,Sorbetand Tagoma, travel to Earth in order to retrieve the Dragon Balls and thus, resurrect their leader, Freezer.

With the help of Pilaf and his gang, Sorbetand Tagoma finally manage to resurrect Freezer as well as return him to his base state,

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Good one

amazing painting. go for it

The best anime ever

Good job

Jonah Keave
Just go for it

They don't compromise on quality so don't doubt.

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