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Figure Super Gogeta - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure Super Gogeta - Dragon Ball Z™

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Figure of Super Gogeta, the fusion between Vegeta and Son Goku, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball™ anime.

  • Anime : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character: Super Gogeta
  • Size: 45 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Gogeta was born of the Metamol fusion between Son Gokû and Vegeta. The film is based on one of Piccolo's famous lines from Volume 40, when he mentions that Vegeta refused to merge with Son Gokû because of the dance involved.

When Film 12 aired, the anime published the chapters on Vegetto, the fusion born of the Potaras, which meant that two versions of the character appeared simultaneously.

Unlike Vegetto, who is relatively longer-lived than Gogeta, Gogeta's personality establishes the desire to finish Janemba off as quickly as possible. His movements are unpredictable and beautifully choreographed by director Yamauchi.

This character, though new to the anime, has become very famous among fans, and the film is held in high esteem as a result.

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