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Figure Sailor Moon "Super" - Sailor Moon™

Figure Sailor Moon "Super" - Sailor Moon™

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Sailor Moon action figure of her civilian name Usagi Tsukino, a famous Sailor warrior and the main character of the Sailor Moon™ anime.

  • Anime: Sailor Moon
  • Character: Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon
  • Size: 34 cm
  • Quality: High quality and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Sailor Moon is the Sailor Warrior form of Usagi Tsukino, the main character of the anime.

When Usagi Tsukino transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time in episode 1: Usagi Sailor Moon, she is shocked at first.

She will, little by little, with the help of her guardian cat Luna, Tuxedo Mask and the other warriors (Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus) learn to control her powers and start fighting the forces of the Dark Kingdom.

Sailor Moon soon discovers that she is actually Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon holds the Silver Crystal that she inherited from her mother, Queen Serenity. This precious stone with incredible powers is the object of her enemies' envy. It allows her to heal humans transformed into monsters by the Dark Kingdom at the end of season 1.

You too want to become a powerful Sailor warrior and fight the forces of evil, so get your Super Sailor Moon figure and transform your room into a real Shonen universe.

We invite you to discover our complete collection of Sailor Moon figures which will make you the most Otaku hero in america. For any other figure or anime accessory, take a look at our range of figure and anime goodies. ⛩

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