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Figure Piccolo Daimaô - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure Piccolo Daimaô - Dragon Ball Z™

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Piccolo Daimaô figure, one of the most evil opponents of kid Goku, the main character in the Dragon Ball Z™ anime.

  • Anime : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character: Piccolo Daimaô
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Piccolo Daimaô, otherwise known as the Great Demon King Piccolo, is one of the anime's main antagonists.

Piccolo Daimaô first appears as a goblin-like creature, with pointed ears and claws. Above all, he appears as a very old creature, which makes sense as he spent several centuries locked in a pressure cooker. Kami-Sama also appears as his perfect double. But while Piccolo Daimaô represented vice, Kami-Sama represents goodness.

The main difference between him and his double is his outfit. Kami-Sama wears a robe inscribed with God, a white cape and carries a walking stick. Piccolo Daimaô, on the other hand, wears a robe inscribed with the mark of the demon, with a red cape (or white in the Tankōbon edition of the anime).

His origin is revealed in the Saga of the Saiyans, where we learn that he, along with Piccolo and Kami-Sama are in fact Nameks. Like all representatives of their race, they have green skin, pointed ears, antennae, 4 fingers (5 in the anime) and a body covered in streaks.

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