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Figure Ônoki - Naruto Shippuden™

Figure Ônoki - Naruto Shippuden™

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Figure by Ônoki aka "Ônoki the Scales", the 3rd Tsuchikage of the village of Iwa, one of the 5 great chaché villages in the Naruto Shippuden™ anime.

  • Anime : Naruto Shippuden™
  • Character : Ônoki
  • Size: 25 cm
  • Quality: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Ônoki, also known as Ônoki of the Balance, is the Third Tsuchikage of the village of Iwa.

Ônoki was a pupil of the Second Tsuchikage, Mû, who passed on to him the secrets of Jinton techniques. At one point, Ônoki fought with Madara Uchiwa and was the only living Kage to do so.

Ônoki is very proud, but he seems fragile, constantly complaining of hip and back pain. He also refuses to retire and choose a successor as Tsuchikage. Kurotsuchi describes him as a stubborn man. His pride sometimes leads him to disparage people younger than himself. On several occasions, he attacked Gaara, who was much younger than him.

Ônoki is the oldest of the current Kage, as no ninja from his village has been powerful enough to dethrone him from his title despite his great age. Because of his age, he has a wealth of experience in combat and techniques. He possesses several rare and powerful skills. According to , the Jinton element makes it possible to live longer.

Before his death, Minato sealed half of Kurama's chakra within himself; once reincarnated, he was able to use a cloak similar to Naruto's Mode.

Become one of the world's most powerful ninjas and awaken to Jinton with your very own Ônoki figure, transforming your bedroom into a Shonen universe.

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