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Figure Lego Shoto - My Hero Academia™

Figure Lego Shoto - My Hero Academia™

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LEGO figure of Shoto Todoroki, one of Yuei's most promising students as well as the son of Endeavor the new number 1 hero of the My Hero Academia™ manga.

  • Manga: My Hero Academia
  • Character: Shoto Todoroki
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Figure: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the manga
  • Packaging: Original box

Shoto Todoroki, is one of the protagonists and main characters of My Hero Academia. He is a student at Yuei High School in the second A accepted by recommendation. He plans to become a professional Hero. He's also the son of the current No. 1 Hero, Endeavor.

Shoto's Alter enables him to master pyrokinesis and cryokinesis: the left side of his body can generate flames, and the right, ice. The limbs on his right side can also lower the temperature of anything he touches, enough to create large waves of ice. Those on his left side generate heat and enable Shoto to create and throw flames.

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