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Figure Lego Sakura - Naruto Shippuden™

Figure Lego Sakura - Naruto Shippuden™

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LEGO figure of Sakura Haruno, the kunoichi of Team 7 and one of the protagonists of the Naruto Shippuden™ manga.

  • Manga: Naruto Shippuden
  • Character: Sasuke Uchiwa
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Figure : High-end and resistant
  • Style: LEGO figure
  • Design: Faithful to the manga
  • Packaging: Original box

Sakura Uchiwa, birth Haruno, is one of the series' main characters. She is a jônin-level ninja doctor from the hidden village of Konoha and a member of Team Kakashi.

During her early years at the Ninja Academy, Sakura was often bullied by other girls because of her large forehead.

Over the course of the anime, however, she overcame her complexes and by the end of the manga had become the most accomplished Kunoichi in Naruto's world, taking part in the victory over Kaguya and saving a large number of people during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

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