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Figure Lego Cell - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure Lego Cell - Dragon Ball Z™

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LEGO figure of Cell, the ultimate hybrid android as well as one of the major antagonists of the Dragon Ball Z™ manga.

  • Manga : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character: Cell
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Figure: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the manga
  • Packaging: Original box

Cell is a humanoid bio-organism created from the cells of Son Gokû, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freezer and King Cold. Dr. Gero's masterpiece, his goal was to become the ultimate fighter and he had to absorb N°17 and N°18 to reach his perfect form. But with the two artificial humans destroyed in his timeline, his only solution was to travel back in time to our heroes' timeline in order to achieve his goal. He is a major antagonist of Dragon Ball, being one of the 3 main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z.

Perfect Cell is Cell's ultimate form, the one he takes after absorbing N°18. This form undergoes a major physical and moral change.

In this form, Cell regains his wings, and his upper torso and shoulders turn black. His face and hands turn gray, and his feet turn yellow.

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