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Figure Koko - Tokyo Revengers™

Figure Koko - Tokyo Revengers™

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Figure featuring Hajime Kokonoi aka "Koko", the former commander of the Black Dragons, the powerful gang from the Tokyo Revengers™ manga.

  • Manga : Tokyo Revengers
  • Character: Hajime Kokonoi
  • Size: 17 cm
  • Figure: High-quality and durable
  • Design: Faithful to the manga
  • Packaging: Original box

Hajime Kokonoi, or Koko, is a former commander of the Tenth Generation Black Dragons, a former member of the First Toman Division and the former treasurer of Tenjiku. He is currently a Bonten executive.

Koko sees the world as a series of calculations. He acts solely in his own interest. Every move he makes is for his own benefit. He approaches those who are more powerful than he, but will turn his back on them the moment they lose their instrumentality.

Koko has an unrivalled financial capacity. From an early age, he researched multiple ways of making money, reading books and learning sometimes illegal methods. As a result, he was able to implement complex criminal schemes involving stealing and investing this money in criminals so that they would steal and engage in criminal activities for him, in turn generating greater profits for himself.

If you've always dreamed of having your own gang, taking down rival gangs and have a fighting spirit, then become part of the Tokyo Manjikai (Toman) by owning your Koko figure and transform your bedroom into a Shonen universe.

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