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Figure Kenshin Himura - Kenshin™

Figure Kenshin Himura - Kenshin™

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Figure of Kenshin Himura aka "Kenshin the Wanderer", the famous samurai from the anime Kenshin™.

  • anime : Kenshin
  • Character : Kenshin Himura
  • Size : 19 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Kenshin Himura, is a character with a soul and a tortured past.
At the end of the Edo era, the era of Japanese massacre, Kenshin emerged as one of the great victors! But Kenshin is not a bad person, on the contrary. He really has a lot of values, goodness and morals.

It is precisely after this massacre, and during the passage to the Meiji era, that Kenshin swore never to kill anyone again, and reversed the direction of his blade, so that the sharp side was on the other side, so that he could not kill anyone.

But as the book goes on, Kenshin will gradually come back to his past, and his fighting spirit of yesteryear may well return...

If you have a heroic spirit, are hot-blooded and want to become a powerful samurai, then become a superhero by owning your own Kenshin figure and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

We invite you to discover our complete collection of Kenshin figure which will make you the most Otaku hero of america. For any other figure or anime accessories, take a look at our range of figure and anime goodies.

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Absolutely adorable! Great quality, as always.


the package was great.

thank you very much

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