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Figure Jiren - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure Jiren - Dragon Ball Z™

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Action figure of Jiren aka Jiren the Grey the most powerful warrior in universe 11 of the famous anime Dragon Ball Z - DBZ™.

  • anime : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character : Jiren
  • Size : 30 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Jiren or Jiren the Grey is a member of the Pride Troopers and a participant in the Tournament of the Strongest. He is among the favorites in this tournament due to his reputation as the mortal more powerful than his God of Destruction. With his unprecedented power, he will force Son Goku to awaken to the Ultra Instinct, a fighting mode that even the Gods struggle to master.

Jiren is also phlegmatic and taciturn, he only speaks if the situation requires it. He hates evil and would not contribute to it for anything in the world. He is against the idea of having to participate in the Tournament of the Strongest, because it consists of eliminating opponents from other worlds and indirectly exterminating them.

Become the strongest warrior in your universe and protect it from destruction by owning your own Jiren figure and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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finally i got it

love the quality

I absolutely love this figure.

thank you very much

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