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Figure Î Shinron - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure Î Shinron - Dragon Ball Z™

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Figure of Î Shinron, the most powerful of the evil dragons from the Dragon Ball Z™ anime.

  • Anime : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character: Î Shinron
  • Size: 32 cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Î Shinron is the last of the evil dragons to appear and also the most powerful. He is the final antagonist of Dragon Ball GT.

Î Shinron was born out of a wish to resurrect the victims of Freezer and his men. Î Shinron is the most cruel, sadistic, selfish and evil of all dragons. What's more, he likes to make Son Gokû feel guilty, reminding him that evil dragons were born because of him. This is largely echoed by Rô Kaïô Shin's warning at the very end of the anime, somewhat damning the heroes' over-reliance on Dragon Balls.

He feels no compassion or pity, and delights in seeing his adversaries suffer. His sole objective is the total destruction of the universe.

Interestingly, Î Shinron is linked to the one-star Dragon Ball, the same Dragon Ball possessed by Pilaf, the first Dragon Ball antagonist.

When Super Î Shinron receives the full force of Gogeta's Kame Hamé Ha, he loses all the Dragon Balls he has absorbed (except the one to which he is linked) and regresses to his previous state. In the American version, he is dubbed by two different actors depending on his form, although he retains the voice of Christopher Sabat, who dubs Super Î Shinron.

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