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Figure Hiyori Kozuki - One Piece™

Figure Hiyori Kozuki - One Piece™

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Action figure of Kozuki Hiyori aka Komurasaki, the daughter of the legendary samurai Oden as well as the sister of the shogun of Wano, an island in the famous Anime One Piece™.

  • anime : One Piece
  • Character : Kozuki Hiyori
  • Size : 18 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Kozuki Hiyori is the daughter of Kozuki Oden and Kozuki Toki as well as the younger sister of Kozuki Momonosuke. She has been in hiding for a while calling herself the "Oiran Komurasaki", the most beautiful woman in the country.

Hiyori was born 26 years ago on the Moby Dick, two years after her brother Momonosuke, while her parents Oden and Toki were on the Whitebeard ship. Soon after, Oden met Gol D. Roger and decided to help him on his final voyage, Hiyori boarded the Oro Jackson with her parents and brother. Shortly after the Roger's Pirate Crew visited the Island of the Fishmen, Toki fell ill and was landed in the Land of Wa, in the province of Kuri to be precise, with her 2 children. So, from that moment on, Hiyori never left the Land of Wa.

Hiyori proved to be an extremely clever manipulator, using her beauty and acting skills to trick men into giving her all their wealth. She is also an extremely gifted shamisen player, as she could play a song that deeply captivated Orochi and his guests.

You too want to become a proud samurai and rule the land of Wano with your family then get your Hiyori figure and transform your room into a real Shonen universe.

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