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Figure Himoko Toga - My Hero Academia™

Figure Himoko Toga - My Hero Academia™

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Figure of Himiko Toga the rival in love and battle of Ochaco Uraraka the female protagonist of the anime My Hero Academia

  • anime : My Hero Academia
  • Character : Himiko Toga
  • Size : 16 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Himiko Toga is a Villain who is part of the Super Villains Alliance and Genesis Squadron. She joined the criminal organization, having been inspired by Stain and dreams of a world where she is free to do whatever she wants.

After the Celebration of Renewal, the Super Villains Alliance and the Superpower Liberation Army merge to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, and she becomes one of the 9 Officers.

On the other hand, Himiko Toga is the most difficult character to draw according to Kōhei Horikoshi.

You have a hot-blooded rebellious spirit and want to join the villain alliance, so become a member by owning your own Himiko Toga statuette and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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