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Figure God Hand - Berserk

Figure God Hand - Berserk

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Sacrificial Hands figure, emblematic symbol of the God Hands the main antagonists of the mythical anime Berserk™.

  • Anime : Berserk
  • Character: The "God Hand" Sacrifice Hands
  • Size: 26 cm
  • Figure: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

The God Hand are the main antagonists of the Berserk manga. They are highly enigmatic and mysterious characters about whom very little is known.

The God Hand are the fruits of causality and seem to be chosen in advance. They were once human beings who possessed a crimson behelit from which they could not part. Every 216 years, the purple behelit is activated with the blood of its owner in a moment of great despair, opening up a new dimension deep in the astral world where eclipses take place, ceremonies that culminate in the advent of a new God Hand following a great sacrifice of those dearest to him, so that he loses all humanity.

The mark of sacrifice is the mark placed on those invoked for the invocation of destiny, a sacrificial ceremony in which those consecrated by the laws of causality transcend their humanity, resulting in the creation of an apostle or member of God Hand.

The lives of those sacrificed, often those of loved ones, are then offered to the creatures of darkness and ritually murdered. In the case of God Hand members, the life force of the deceased is used to complete the summoner's transition.

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