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Erwin Smith Action Figure - Attack on Titan™

Erwin Smith Action Figure - Attack on Titan™

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Action figure of Erwin Smith, the iconic commander of the Exploration Battalion the last stand against the titans in the anime  attack on titans - Shinkegi No Kyojin™.

  • anime : attack on titans
  • Character : Erwin Smith
  • Size : 18 cm
  • Figure : High-end and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

Erwin Smith was a Corps Commander in the Paradise Army. Indeed, he was the 13th Major of the Exploration Battalion. Major Smith was one of the best strategists and showed exemplary impartiality when it came to the future of mankind: he never hesitated to sacrifice his men for this purpose.

Erwin Smith's father was a brilliant teacher who was intensely curious about the mysteries of the world. Erwin was one of the students in his class, and during a lesson on the history of mankind, he asked a question that his father could not really answer in public. Later that night, his father secretly shared with him a heretical theory: that the official textbooks distributed by the government would contain many contradictions.

Although all knowledge of the outside world had been declared taboo 107 years earlier, this would not have prevented the first generation from telling their stories to their children. Erwin concluded that the memories of the first generation had been altered, allowing the monarchy to better control them.

Ignoring the danger, Erwin shared this theory with the other children. This attracted the attention of the First Division of the Special Brigades, who approached him and learned of his father's theories. Later that day, his father died in an accident in another city. However, Erwin guessed that his father had been murdered because he had gotten too close to the truth. From then on, he dedicated his life to proving that his father's theories were true.

Become the commander of the exploration battalion and fight to save humanity from the reign of the titans by owning your own Erwin Smith figure and turn your room into a real Shonen universe.

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