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Figure Ener "Thunder"- One Piece

Figure Ener "Thunder"- One Piece

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Figure of Ener aka "God Ener", the ancient god reigning over Skypea as well as one of the antagonists of the One Piece™ manga.

  • Manga : One Piece
  • Character: Ener
  • Size: 31 cm
  • Figure: High-end and resistant
  • Design: Faithful to the manga
  • Packaging: Original box

Ener, nicknamed God Ener, is the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc. He is the former "God" of Skypiea. After his defeat by Luffy, he left for the Moon in Ener's Mini-Adventures, where he meets the Spaceys.

Although the title of God only reflects his status as ruler of the island, Ener truly believes himself to be a deity. This is largely due to his formidable power. Ever since he ate the Demon Fruit Goro Goro no Mi, he has been able to produce lightning and transform himself into lightning at will. He is also intangible and untouchable, like all Logia demon fruit eaters.

Ener is extremely powerful, and gave the impression of being weaker than many others due to Luffy's natural immunity to the powers of Goro Goro no Mi. Ener's strength was demonstrated when he easily defeated Robin, Gan Forr, Wiper and Zoro very quickly without his opponents having time to do anything.

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