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Figure Charlotte Katakuri - One Piece™

Figure Charlotte Katakuri - One Piece™

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Figure of Charlotte Katakuri using her demon fruit the Mochi Mochi No Mi. Katakuri is one of the 3 sweet commanders of the Big Mom yonko in the famous anime One Piece™.

  • anime: One Piece
  • Character: Charlotte Katakuri
  • Size: 32cm
  • Figure: Top of the line and durable
  • Design: Worked and colorful
  • Packaging: Original box

Charlotte Katakuri is the second son and third child of the Charlotte family and the eldest triplet brother of Daifuku and Oven. He is also one of the three sweet commanders of the big mom and he is in Totto Land's minister of farina, ruling on the island of Komugi. Because of his actions and role, he is the secondary antagonist in the second half of the Big Mom arc.

Do you too want to become a pirate known all over Grand Line, then get the Charlotte Katakuri action figure and turn your room into a real Shonen universe.

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very nice product it is

Cool character!

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