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Figure C-18 "Samurai" - Dragon Ball Z™

Figure C-18 "Samurai" - Dragon Ball Z™

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Action figure of C-18 one of the most powerful Cyborg created by Doctor Gero one of the greatest scientists on Earth in the anime Dragon Ball Z - DBZ™

  • anime : Dragon Ball Z
  • Character : C-18
  • Size : 26 cm
  • Figure : High quality and resistant
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging : Original box

C-18 was originally a human named Lazuli. She was captured with her twin brother Lapis by Doctor Gero who modified them and made them into artificial humans, while nevertheless retaining a large amount of organic matter to which he added essentially bio-organic components as well as some tiny cybernetic implants, including a mini perpetual energy reactor.

Thus, C-17 and C-18 are actually Modified Humans or Cyborgs. Moreover, episode 83 of Dragon Ball Super confirms, once again, that the twins are real humans, simply modified at the cellular level in order to become "super-humans".

Akira Toriyama also reveals that the modified cells of C-17 and C-18 deteriorate slowly, so they also age very slowly. Finally, although they no longer need to eat, they must continue to drink and hydrate.

Because of their rebellious nature, and especially because of the tenacious resentment they had against Dr. Gero who had modified them against their will, they killed the mad scientist and activated the Artificial Human: C-16. She is the only female representative of the artificial humans.

Become one of the most powerful warriors on Earth and gain immortal status by owning a C-18 figure at home and turn your room into a shonen universe.

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another one for my collection

thanks a lot

I absolutely love this figure.

amazing quality

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