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Figure Brook (Soolking) - One Piece™

Figure Brook (Soolking) - One Piece™

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Figure of Brook alias Soolking the mucisian of the straw hat team, from the very famous anime One Piece.

  • anime: One Piece
  • Character: Brook (Soolking)
  • Size: 21cm
  • Figure: High and strong
  • Design : Faithful to the anime
  • Packaging: Original box

Brook, nicknamed Brook the Hummer is the musician as well as the second swordsman (after Zoro) of the Straw Hat Crew. He is a living skeleton they met on board a ghost ship after finding a mysterious barrel drifting on the ocean. He is a Demon Fruit user, he has the powers of the Resurrection Fruit. He is an undead who came back to life in a state of pseudo-immortality thanks to the powers of this fruit, this fruit not being the cause of his current appearance. He is the ninth member of the Straw Hat Crew and the eighth member who has agreed to join Luffy's crew.

Become the loudest and most famous musician in the world and turn Grand line upside down by owning your own Brook and turn your room into a Shonen universe.

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finally i got it

great quality

Good one

go for it

Best and awesome like the way he is tall is awesome it suits him much

Bought it for my son and he loved this

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