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Eren Jäger Titan Assailant Figure - Attack on Titan™

Eren Jäger Titan Assailant Figure - Attack on Titan™

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Figure of the famous main character Eren Jager in his Titan Assassin form in the anime attack on titan - Shinkegi No Kyojin

  • anime: The attack on titan
  • Characters: Eren Jäger
  • Size: 25cm
  • Figure: High-end and durable
  • Design: Faithful to anime

Eren Jäger is a member of the Exploration Battalion and the protagonist, and later the main antagonist of the series. Upon the death of his mother at the hands of a Titan Eren developed an intense hatred for the Titans, the latter wanting to eradicate every last one of them.

The Titan Assailant is a Primordial Titan known for always fighting for the freedom of Eldia. It possesses the ability to pass on memories to former possessors, as demonstrated by its current holder, Eren Jäger.

The Titan Assailant has an excessive/rageous behavior towards Titans, as he indeed seeks to kill as many as possible. This behavior, first attributed to Humanity's anger by Mikasa, is actually modeled on the mentality of Eren, his "host," who hates titans. It should also be noted that the power of the Titan Assassin is worn to deliver the kingdom of Eldia.

Be a part of the Exploration Battalion too by owning your own Eren figure transformed into the Titan Assassin and turn your room into a shonen universe.

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That smile

Oh so badass

Best Figure ever

This is worth it to buy

Emily Briggs
Another one for my collection

Really love this beast

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